Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stay Fast, America.

Jon (Cipo), James (Jens/Ludo), Jamie (?), Derek (Trunk Boiz), and myself (Joshekke), had an awesome ride this past Thursday. After a deceptively easy start to the ride we crossed the border into Tennessee and the fun began. The thing with cyclists like us is that "fun" actually also means "friggin hard." Which is why I took us up into the hinterlands of our neighbor to the North for they don't believe in paving their roads that well, nor building bridges over the creeks, nor having any qualms with carving a "road" straight up and down the ever abounding "hollers." After about the 15th mini-Muur de Grammont we crossed another creek, came around a corner and judging by the moans, curses, wailing, and maniacal laughter emanating from the group, I knew we had another climb coming up. I was grinding up it, trying to keep my front wheel on the ground, when Jon said something ridiculous which made me laugh, which in turn made me not able to breathe, which in turn made me come to a complete stop, which in turn forced me to start from 0mph on a 48% or something grade. Good times!

Look at that road! The picture is fuzzy due to the 110% humidity that evening making it look as if we are riding through a cloud forest.

It was just the kind of ride that the French Cycling Federation might want to implement.........

thanks BikeSnobNYC.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Progress report.

So we have the yellow walls, the ratty blue carpet, the ever-being-developed business plan, logos galore, a blog, an interweb portal, a bunch of people asking when we're opening, some potential bike lines figured out,

and no money.

The shop will be opened largely on the investments and gifts of friends and family. If you are someone who would like to become involved in this venture, we would love to talk with you. Maybe you've won the lottery lately and already have a Corvette. Or maybe you just have a soft place in your heart for three young lads who perhaps lack the assets, but are over-flowing with motivation and a dream.

Thanks for checking in and stay tuned for further updates and hijinks.

Sometimes you realize how trivial most things are...

Words are not enough.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Shop

Here is some pictures of the future store located in 7 points.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We need you!

We feel that a bike shop should become a part of the community, blurring the lines so that the people who come in start to see the shop as "theirs." Along those lines, as we prepare to open, your suggestions/comments/requests on what you would like to see are crucial. So here's a forum and a chance to give us your input! We need you to be the Hincapie to our Cavendish!