Sunday, July 26, 2009

We need you!

We feel that a bike shop should become a part of the community, blurring the lines so that the people who come in start to see the shop as "theirs." Along those lines, as we prepare to open, your suggestions/comments/requests on what you would like to see are crucial. So here's a forum and a chance to give us your input! We need you to be the Hincapie to our Cavendish!


  1. A jersey with your logo. I'm a sucker for a cool bike shop jersey.
    Obviously, I guess, a dependable mechanic.
    Stuff to gauk over - Di2
    More to come. Maybe.

  2. Oh, and thanks for taking a risk, stepping out, and starting up the bike shop. I'm so excited. Every cyclist I know in the area wishes we had a bike shop, but no one was in a position to do it. So thanks. I look forward to opening day.